How does it work ?

The app is free for anyone to use. Just download it from your App store. We require no collection of personal information from the users. This means that we may not know who the users are. They may not even own cattle. The App will only take a photograph of a bovine face. It will not photograph, for example, a horse or a person. It simply recognizes a bovine face when presented at the correct angle, distance, and illumination. At that point, the App will automatically capture the image. The captured images are dated and recorded with the GPS location. All this App does is record that the animal in the captured photo was at a specific location at a specific time. Nothing else. That information gets verified using blockchain, meaning that it is secured against manipulation. At a future date, we may enable the App to record other information about the animal in blockchain format, such as vaccinations, medical treatment history, performance data, etc.

Does facial recognition work on cattle?

Based on our research -- yes! It uses the biometric measurements of the key features of the bovine face, differentiated by their respective angles and distances, to produce a unique result. This analysis can be coupled with an analysis of other image attributes, such as the local binary pattern of pixels, in the photographed face.

We expect those identifiers to yield successful recognition throughout the life of the animal.

Artificial intelligence utilizes deep learning to increase the confidence level of the identification process as the size of the database increases.